Parsons x Teen Vogue: Production Costs of My Bag

    While on my Parsons x Teen Vogue journey I have had to do many things, and now I had the opportunity to construct my own bag! It may not quite shape up to that of a Kate Spade or Tory Burch but it was created by yours truly so that has to count for something right??

    Below is the cost production of the bag if I were to actually create it and brand it…Alessia Fionda Michigan-or something like that (doesn’t quite have the same ring to it)! So check out not only my bag, the bare bones of it that is, along with my pricing for the product:

    Functional & Fashionable Bag

    Outer Fabric Faux Green Leather $40.95 / Yard

    Fabric Liner  $6.99 / Yard

    Bamboo Handles $7.99

    Closures & Snaps $7.50

    Stitching $8.50

    2 Hours @ $9 $18.00

    Total Production Cost $89.93

    20% Profit $17.99

    Total Production Cost Plus Profit $107.92

    Estimated Retail Price $110

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    Parsons x Teen Vogue: A Sizable Issue In the Industry

    Another day another issue, thats at least how it feels nowadays (I have lots of issues and thoroughly like to voice them but its NOT about me now is it). Anyways, I have been continuing my fashion studies through Parsons and I am now studying the production behind the industry and included in this section of the course was the topic of production standards.

    In the fashion industry there is a lot of inconsistency within sizing, especially between different brands, which is not ideal especially from a consumers point of view. The largest problem with production standards lies exists with the brands that lack sizing consistency within their own brand. For instance (I’ll apologize in advance it is one of my favorite brands) H&M is very famous for having extensive changes in sizing depending on the article of clothing in their store. I am a credible source when it comes to H&M sizing as well, seeing as how 90% of my clothes come from there.

    When shopping at my go-to store I can range anywhere from a 0 to a 6 in certain bottoms. This is incredibly frustrating because I, like many others, then have to grab multiple sizes of each garment. Not only does this effect my in store experience, I will not order from H&M online unless I have tried on the item in store to make sure that it fits because it is very likely that the item that I will order online will not fit me due to the lack of proper standardizing. Continue reading

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    Summer Threads: Dashing In Denim

    If you’re on the lookout for me this summer you can more than likely catch me working, soaking up the sun in my pool or strolling around some nearby cities. While I do try to look quite snazzy everyday it is nice to go out with some friends and get a little extra spicy sometimes! Surrounding yourself with good food and good people can do you a world of good (if they happen to take some cute pictures of you while it happens then so be it).

    Since I’ve been working at Kate Spade I have been trolling them like no other and have been racking up the amount of Kate Spade items I own. I’m also a big fan of embroidery at the moment (trend alert) so when I came across this jean EMBROIDERED skirt with hummingbirds (in the running to be my spirit animal) I was entirely sold.

    But whatever would I wear with this fabulous skirt? I have worn it a few times before and while in the past I had paired it with a white short sleeved blouse, this time I paired it with a fun and vibrant orange top with frills around the shoulders. The color matched beautifully with the flowers on the skirt and it just might be one of my favorite new combinations. I wanted to let the skirt speak for itself and by already adding a pop of color, the shoes were destined to be my plain white heeled sandals. Continue reading

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    Piece of The Week: NO Time for Average Purses

    Wishing all of you a happy Monday! Monday’s can be a bit of a drag sometimes, but you’ve got to make the most and the best of them. What does Monday mean on my blog? Drumroll please…the POTW (piece of the week, c’mon now)! So for the second post of the series I have selected this bag from Zara that quite frankly I forgot I had! (Thank you again to my dear sister for the lovely Christmas present!) But especially since it has made its blog post debut, I won’t be forgetting it anytime soon. This cross body purse is especially perfect for a Monday because most people tend to get this general feeling of “NO” on Mondays. I will inform you however that I was in fact born on a Monday so they cannot be all that bad.

    This purse is largely practical even though it definitely has some character. The neutral colors make it match a wide variety outfits and can make any outfit really pop or tell someone to “bugger off” as the English would say. I had fallen in love with it when I saw it online because not only do I enjoy quirky shoes, I enjoy my fair share of quirky purses.

    Since relocating the purse in my closet (okay yeah maybe I should clean it out but this isn’t about my own organizational issues) I am anxious to see what I’m going to pair it with next!

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    Parsons x Teen Vogue Program: Production Costs

    I’ve been continuing my courses for the Industry Essentials program through Parsons the New School x Teen Vogue and had to use a photo that I took of intricate details of objects to then inspire me to create an accessory. After racking my brain and spontaneously cutting up an old CD (a random singer that my Dad liked in the 80s) I then got out a pair of jeans and voila! A denim cuff with a retro flair came about. While the craftsmanship may not be perfect (I am not known for my crafting people) I didn’t think that it was too shabby. If you like going back to the old days of busting out your CDs and if you enjoy wearing denim anywhere but on your legs then this is PERFECT for you. Okay jokes aside, for the next course of the program I had to price out the accessory as if I was actually going to produce the item.

    Before I get started, here is a good look at the cuff I created:

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    Piece of The Week: Dazzling Extra Slides

    Hello my dear friends! I am officially kicking off a new little segment on my blog called “Piece of The Week”. So every Monday (I will stay faithful to this) I will be taking one of my favorite pieces from my closet and post them here on my blog. I thought it would be a good opportunity to get a deeper look into some of the items that I own! Not only do you get more of an insight into what pieces strike me, but hopefully you get a better grasp of who I am. From shoes to clothes to jewelry to who really knows?! You will have to stay tuned!

    To kick off the POTW (oh yeah it is officially an acronym now) I have chosen one of my favorite pair of shoes that I own. I bought these slides back in April on a total shoppers whim because “I wasn’t having the best of days but this impulse buy would totally make me feel 10,000 times better” and while it didn’t cure my day, these bad boys sure helped! I also still stand behind this impulse buy because I absolutely love these slides. From the moment I saw them I was taken aback (my mother not so much). If you truly know me then you know that my favorite color on this Earth is teal. I of course have my favorite shades and variations of the color and let me tell you this one SPOKE to me and well quite frankly diamonds speak to me a lot too.  Continue reading

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    Graduation Celebration: Time To Party

    It is crazy how fast time goes by! Seems like it was only a few years ago that I was “politely” telling my peers where to place their lunchbox in the classroom cubbies and now I am a graduated high school student. However, I cannot express how happy I am to be moving on to some bigger and better things. But I made sure to go out with a bang and have a graduation party that had “Alessia” written all over it, literally. With the help of my mom (the craftiest woman alive watch out Martha Stewart) we put together a fun little graduation party for me and our closest family and friends.

    The day came and went and thankfully with no showers! The food was good and let me tell you so was my grad party playlist. But of course, my favorite part was getting to rock this little yellow number. It was the talk of the party (god my eyes are up here not at the bow people) and was the perfect party choice. I fell in love with it the second I found it on the ASOS website (where I get 90% of my dresses from) and immediately bought it. The bright yellow was just right for the summer time and nothing quite says a party like a large bow. I was truly a present. Since the dress had so much flair to it, I stuck with some small diamond studs and paired the dress with some white heeled sandals from Aldo. I had to let the dress do the talking! Continue reading

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    Dancing The Night Away: Senior Prom

    Okay so maybe Chuck Bass didn’t show up to my senior prom and vote for me as queen about 150 times, but it sure was a good time! My gals and I had finally sorted out all of our own details (you know hair, makeup, all of that jazz) and the day had finally arrived. My hair was in the hands of my talented mother (a professional hairdresser), makeup went to one of my longtime best friends and well styling of course was done by yours truly.

    The styling process began about two months before the actual dance because I decided to take the online shopping route, which I still stand behind. Largely because I absolutely loathe the “basic” prom dresses that consist of a plethora of crayon box colors in only three different styles with far too many beads (which was the only thing that all of the boutiques near me carried). So instead I spent hours upon hours on department store websites and I started to get incredibly anxious as I went though page after page and was still underwhelmed by all of the formalwear. But then I was on one of the last pages of the Neiman Marcus and then there it was, and get this…ON SALE! It was unlike the thousands of other dresses that I had came across and there was only one left and it was in my size. It was fate my friends.

    I promptly ordered the dress and with minor alterations the dress was all ready to be worn on the special day. Adorned with a floral like print, netting, a variety of colors, metallics, along with laced up details on the shoulders, the gown was entirely unique and I had complete confidence that no one else would have this little number on. Continue reading


    Designer Profile: Olivier Rousteing

    Most creative directors in the fashion industry obtain the distinguished roll after decades of work in the industry with a brand and the exchange of power usually occurs after the death or retirement of the previous director. This is not the case for Olivier Rousteing, who became the sole creative director of the traditional French fashion house, Balmain, at the tender age of twenty-five. Acquiring such a position occurred after Christophe Decarnin suffered a mental breakdown that permanently removed him from the industry. This opened the door for Olivier, one that would be filled with patronizing, criticism and prejudice from both the upper echelon of the illustrious industry and others worldwide.

    Olivier Rousteing was born in Bordeaux, France where he was then abandoned and placed into an orphanage. He would not be adopted for several more months, until a French white couple adopted the mixed baby and gave him a permanent home and a chance to make something of himself.

    In Bordeaux Rousteing experienced harsh prejudice and was mocked a bastard. Being a child of the early nineties and in an area where traditionalism thrived, Olivier faced racial prejudice heavily and especially throughout his schooling. This led Olivier to find an outlet as an escapism tactic. The outlet that he found comfort in was fashion. It allowed him to not be a boy who was abandoned by his birth mother, adopted by white parents and who didn’t quite seem to fit in, he could transform into a “Prince of Egypt”, enabling him to find himself along the way.

    The sense of identity that fashion gave Olivier caused him to continue to pursue his love of fashion. This passion added more adversity to his life, causing him to be mocked for his passion and to be labeled as “gay” for simply liking it. Although Olivier was gay, his love for fashion did not make him gay. He struggled throughout school due to insensitive peers who saw him as someone with so much identity and someone who was different. Olivier attributes the adversity that he has experienced to his success. His pride as a black male, open sexuality, desire to thrive within fashion, incredible work ethic and ability to overcome adversity have made him rather resistant to present day criticism of him and his work.

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    A Golden Night: The 89th Annual Academy Awards

    Another day another red carpet, right? Well that may be the case for some celebrities, but if you’re a celebrity/fashion/wannabe like yours truly, then the red carpets seem to be much more meaningful. Last night at the annual Academy Awards the actors and actresses of the world came together to celebrate the importance of film and to celebrate members of the academy, and let me tell you they were dressed to the nines. Many neutral color schemes hit the carpet and for the most part, most of the actresses played it safe (Janelle Monae never EVER plays it safe). However, the carpet was still interesting and gave me the same feeling of envy and joy that it always does. So naturally I opened up my notes app and started formulating my list of best and worst dressed (filled with honorable mentions for both sides as well). Let’s get down to business.

    And the winner for best dressed is…Scarlett Johansson!! Oh wait I apologize I was reading the card for worst dressed. Jokes aside, Taraji P Henson in Alberta Ferretti stole the show with a stunning and old-Hollywood-like crushed blue velvet gown. She captured the essence of the Oscars and her look made her entirely deserving while she accepted her award for Best Supporting Actress. On the other end of the spectrum, Scarlett Johansson looked like a mess in a printed light pink Alaïa with a dark studded belt. Okay fine. She wasn’t a total mess but I hated this look in its entirety. The awkward colored snake print mixed with the whimsical feel of the dress made me kinda queasy. I got punk rock princess featuring side boob and let me tell you I was not here for it. Definitely not Oscars worthy.

    The night wouldn’t be complete either without some honorable mentions for best dressed. Brie Larson looked daring in a velvet number with exotic dimensions. Leslie Mann added some color to the carpet in a chartreuse ballgown while Janelle Monae dazzled in a dark ballgown with a plethora of embellishments. Her look added a whole new element to the traditional carpet and was truly exquisite. An angelic look was served by none other than up and comer on the best dressed list Hailee Steinfeld in Elle Saab.


    P.S. If you can’t quite seem to find me check under Janelle’s dress. It’s quite spacious.