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Dancing The Night Away: Senior Prom

Okay so maybe Chuck Bass didn’t show up to my senior prom and vote for me as queen about 150 times, but it sure was a good time! My gals and I had finally sorted out all of our own details (you know hair, makeup, all of that jazz) and the day had finally arrived. My hair was in the hands of my talented mother (a professional hairdresser), makeup went to one of my longtime best friends and well styling of course was done by yours truly.

The styling process began about two months before the actual dance because I decided to take the online shopping route, which I still stand behind. Largely because I absolutely loathe the “basic” prom dresses that consist of a plethora of crayon box colors in only three different styles with far too many beads (which was the only thing that all of the boutiques near me carried). So instead I spent hours upon hours on department store websites and I started to get incredibly anxious as I went though page after page and was still underwhelmed by all of the formalwear. But then I was on one of the last pages of the Neiman Marcus and then there it was, and get this…ON SALE! It was unlike the thousands of other dresses that I had came across and there was only one left and it was in my size. It was fate my friends.

I promptly ordered the dress and with minor alterations the dress was all ready to be worn on the special day. Adorned with a floral like print, netting, a variety of colors, metallics, along with laced up details on the shoulders, the gown was entirely unique and I had complete confidence that no one else would have this little number on.

The day of the dance the look came together precisely how I had planned (thank god)! I then paired the dress with some black strappy open-toed heels (they had a nice thick heel had to help a girl out) and kept the jewelry simple as I only wore drop earrings that were the exact shade of light blue that was on my gown. My makeup was sophisticated and my sleek half-back hairstyle completed my look.

Prom was overall an enjoyable time that consisted of me frequently visiting the chocolate fountain and blessing my peers with my incredible and crafty (some beg to differ) dance moves! Was senior prom everything and as epic as the movies make it out to be? Of course not, but the Great Gatsby themed prom that my school put on wasn’t too shabby. And who needs a Jay Gatsby when you can roar through the twenties with some of your best friends!


Here are more fun pictures of some of my closest friends and I at prom! I also styled my friend Brady who is pictured below.

Prom Look Details:

Gown: Self Portrait

Shoes: Nine West

Earrings: Kate Spade



P.S. Mr. Gatsby if you’re out there, just know I’m not opposed.




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  • Reply Brady Hendershott

    This is so awesome,great job on this….Keep it up!Your going to do great things in the near future!!!

    July 29, 2017 at 1:03 pm
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