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    New Years: Ringing In With Style

    Ciao 2015! It is officially the New Year! While many people like to welcome the New Year with plenty of sparkles and sequins, I decided to wear something that still had large amounts of fun, but not as typical. I opted for a burgundy shag cardigan that had a faint woven chevron pattern. I was starting to get into party mode so I then added a fun graphic tee. Get this: the quote on the shirt even said, “Don’t look back you’re not going that way”. Could it be any more appropriate for a new year and plenty of new resolutions?!? Of course (until you’re at an Italian restaurant and totally ditch that whole no carbs thing). Since I wanted to be somewhat comfortable whilst sitting on the couch watching Dick Clark’s Rocking New Years Eve (because what else) I opted for some good ole’ jeans. I then threw on some off my favorite booties and I was headed to party the heck out of the new year (with sparkling juice, c’mon now and board games) with some friends. I did spice up my makeup a bit with a new eye shadow palette that had plenty of shimmer and shine which complimented my Kate Spade confetti earrings. Oh and full disclosure the best time spent on New Years is spent in a festive crown, color coordinating to your outfit not required, but highly encouraged. Hope the New Year celebrations were as fabulous as always.


    PS: My New Year’s spirit is truly shown in these photos, seeing as how I transformed into the salsa dancing emoji more than once!

    Outfit Breakdown:

    Burgundy Shag Cardigan: H&M (only $10!)

    Graphic Tee: Forever 21

    Confetti Earrings: Kate Spade

    Booties: Vera Wang





    Cheers: New Year, New Blog

    Hello world! I have always cherished fashion, so I have decided to officially start up my own blog. One where I can post my own personal style and inspirations to myself and others. I had thought about this venture for quite sometime now, and I decided to get this fashion blog train moving, and when better to kick it off than the beginning of the year! The New Year has brought out much ambition and inspiration to me, and I am very excited to build upon something that I am so passionate about, I encourage everyone to indulge in their own passions. I was terrified (still am) at the thought of putting myself out there where potentially the entire world can see. Doing something that you love can be scary, but if you don’t give it a whirl, you may never know all of the great things you would’ve missed out on. Cheers to that! Well wishes to all of you and your resolutions and new beginnings!

    P.S. Expect great things.