Parsons x Teen Vogue: A Sizable Issue In the Industry

Another day another issue, thats at least how it feels nowadays (I have lots of issues and thoroughly like to voice them but its NOT about me now is it). Anyways, I have been continuing my fashion studies through Parsons and I am now studying the production behind the industry and included in this section of the course was the topic of production standards.

In the fashion industry there is a lot of inconsistency within sizing, especially between different brands, which is not ideal especially from a consumers point of view. The largest problem with production standards lies exists with the brands that lack sizing consistency within their own brand. For instance (I’ll apologize in advance it is one of my favorite brands) H&M is very famous for having extensive changes in sizing depending on the article of clothing in their store. I am a credible source when it comes to H&M sizing as well, seeing as how 90% of my clothes come from there.

When shopping at my go-to store I can range anywhere from a 0 to a 6 in certain bottoms. This is incredibly frustrating because I, like many others, then have to grab multiple sizes of each garment. Not only does this effect my in store experience, I will not order from H&M online unless I have tried on the item in store to make sure that it fits because it is very likely that the item that I will order online will not fit me due to the lack of proper standardizing.

I tried at least 10 different pairs of pants on and these were the only ones that actually fit me and they didn’t even fit that well (they did not get to come home and thrive in my closet to say the least). The sizes ranged from 0s to even an 8 in these one pair of impossible pants. The inconsistency was dumbfounding, I am typically a 2 in pants. I do not have much of a waist but pants still generally fit me okay. I got so frustrated while shopping that I gave up after trying on the first batch. When one pair didn’t fit I was stuck because I couldn’t have even guessed what size would’ve came next. The larger sizes that I selected fit my waist but the fit was awful everywhere else. It was not an enjoyable time, but it sure made me realize how awful production standards can be. I guess stores just expect you to know the difference between their 8 and a regular 2! Hope the industry starts to get back on track with its sizing and especially you H&M.

P.S. H&M I love you but I am curious who can fit into your size 0s because I’m unsure what woman can squeeze into your shirts when I have a child like body and cannot even fit. Sincerely, a girl with a Dobby-like-body.




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