Parsons x Teen Vogue: Production Costs of My Bag

While on my Parsons x Teen Vogue journey I have had to do many things, and now I had the opportunity to construct my own bag! It may not quite shape up to that of a Kate Spade or Tory Burch but it was created by yours truly so that has to count for something right??

Below is the cost production of the bag if I were to actually create it and brand it…Alessia Fionda Michigan-or something like that (doesn’t quite have the same ring to it)! So check out not only my bag, the bare bones of it that is, along with my pricing for the product:

Functional & Fashionable Bag

Outer Fabric Faux Green Leather $40.95 / Yard

Fabric Liner  $6.99 / Yard

Bamboo Handles $7.99

Closures & Snaps $7.50

Stitching $8.50

2 Hours @ $9 $18.00

Total Production Cost $89.93

20% Profit $17.99

Total Production Cost Plus Profit $107.92

Estimated Retail Price $110

P.S. I will not be quitting my day job (at one of the largest handbag retailers in the country) to make my own bags but until then, enjoy my muslin mockup bag!




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