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Piece of The Week: Dazzling Extra Slides

Hello my dear friends! I am officially kicking off a new little segment on my blog called “Piece of The Week”. So every Monday (I will stay faithful to this) I will be taking one of my favorite pieces from my closet and post them here on my blog. I thought it would be a good opportunity to get a deeper look into some of the items that I own! Not only do you get more of an insight into what pieces strike me, but hopefully you get a better grasp of who I am. From shoes to clothes to jewelry to who really knows?! You will have to stay tuned!

To kick off the POTW (oh yeah it is officially an acronym now) I have chosen one of my favorite pair of shoes that I own. I bought these slides back in April on a total shoppers whim because “I wasn’t having the best of days but this impulse buy would totally make me feel 10,000 times better” and while it didn’t cure my day, these bad boys sure helped! I also still stand behind this impulse buy because I absolutely love these slides. From the moment I saw them I was taken aback (my mother not so much). If you truly know me then you know that my favorite color on this Earth is teal. I of course have my favorite shades and variations of the color and let me tell you this one SPOKE to me and well quite frankly diamonds speak to me a lot too. 

I also have a deep passion for different/weird shoes. I love it when I see a pair of shoes and I’m in awe because I never thought that a shoe like that was even out there. Long story short, these ones struck a cord. I will definitely be pairing them with some crisp white jeans and a blouse this summer! Full disclosure though; I have not worn these out yet. I think I am largely paranoid that something tragic will happen to them. It is like with children, if you never let them out then nothing bad can happen to them. Okay so maybe that doesn’t sound the best, so I suppose I will loosen the reins and let them hit the town soon!

Piece Details

Slides: Karl Lagerfeld Paris “Mirah”


P.S. I would prefer to wear these while I frolic around a pool with various men in the Hamptons but I guess we can’t always get what we want.




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