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Piece of The Week: NO Time for Average Purses

Wishing all of you a happy Monday! Monday’s can be a bit of a drag sometimes, but you’ve got to make the most and the best of them. What does Monday mean on my blog? Drumroll please…the POTW (piece of the week, c’mon now)! So for the second post of the series I have selected this bag from Zara that quite frankly I forgot I had! (Thank you again to my dear sister for the lovely Christmas present!) But especially since it has made its blog post debut, I won’t be forgetting it anytime soon. This cross body purse is especially perfect for a Monday because most people tend to get this general feeling of “NO” on Mondays. I will inform you however that I was in fact born on a Monday so they cannot be all that bad.

This purse is largely practical even though it definitely has some character. The neutral colors make it match a wide variety outfits and can make any outfit really pop or tell someone to “bugger off” as the English would say. I had fallen in love with it when I saw it online because not only do I enjoy quirky shoes, I enjoy my fair share of quirky purses.

Since relocating the purse in my closet (okay yeah maybe I should clean it out but this isn’t about my own organizational issues) I am anxious to see what I’m going to pair it with next!

Piece Details

Purse: Zara


P.S. Is Alessia going to miss a POTW Monday? “NO”.




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